Initially conceived as "pure sound devoid of cultural context", 01 is a record of mostly automatic music that emerged during my studies of Max software back in 2017. All sounds are purely digital and tracks are mostly unedited results of sound-generating Max/MSP patches, with little to no human intrusion in the process after it's been launched.

The intent of "listener figuring out the record's structure along the way" still stands, so any interpretation is still completely valid. I'll present mine solely for self-documentation. If there's any logic to the order of the tracks, I'd say the record is moving along the inhuman/human axis - 0101 is doing "as little as possible" aesthetically, while 0108 is probably the most accessible track due to the recognisability of its (almost spiritual, although still completely computer-generated) form.

released November 11, 2017 via Bandcamp